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21st of July 2017 | Filerimos

Daisy & Jack

Once upon a time there was two people that fell in love. Childhood sweethearts, as you would call it. They met at school when Daisy was just 14. Nobody seemed to think they would be together for long because they were only “young…”

They left school and Jack decided to join the Military something he always wanted to do and then again nobody thought they would last with him being away from home, they wouldnt see eachother for weeks at a time. But they did everything to make it work.

3 years later daisy was expecting a little baby girl, called April-Louise. A year after little April was here, Jack left the Army to be with his family. The distance was hard but they got by but all they wanted was to be together. Then…

4 years later jack asked her to marry him. They were going to get married in Rhodes. With just 4 weeks for Margarita a fantastic woman to plan everything. The day was just so magical and everything they had ever dreamt of. Margarita was the most amazing wedding planner any girl with such wedding dreams could ask for. The day was absolutely incredible, & there is no way on this earth they could of had the day they did without this woman.

She was truly amazing!

We love you x


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