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Legal Requirements

In this section you can find the Legal Requirements necessary to get married (Civil Ceremony) in Rhodes, Greece, keeping in mind though, that this is intended ONLY AS A GUIDE, so please double check everyhting with your authorities. We want to make sure you organise the event in the best possible way before you commit to any arrangements. We will help you in any way we can on those requirements as long as you provide us with the required information / documentation.

All the applicable documents from the list below excluding passports must be forwarded to the Foreign and Commonwealth office to be legalised and then sent to be translated to Greek by an official Translator.

When this has been completed, they must then be sent to the Greek consulate to be legalised. All originals that have been legalized by both offices and Translations must then be hand carried to resort.

  • Valid 10 year passport, for both the Bride and Groom
  • Original full length birth certificate for both Bride and Groom, showing the names of your parents.
  • Original Decree absolute carrying a black or red sealed court stamp, if either person has been previously married and now divorced. Also any former Marriage Certificates.
  • Original deed poll is required if either party has had a name change due to any reason, e.g. marriage of a parent.
  • If previously married and have been reverted back to your maiden name, this constitutes a name change and therefore proof is required in the form of a deed poll or an affidavit. This document must be stamped and signed by a solicitor. It must be drafted on letter headed paper or have a compliment slip or business card attached
  • Original death and marriage certificate in respect of the deceased spouse, if either party is widowed.
  • Original adoption papers, if either party has been adopted.
  • Certificate of No Impediment Form 268 from your Local Registry Office (not joint certificate) Please note that this takes 1 month to process and is valid for 3 months only. It is important to ensure this certificate is valid at the time of your wedding.
  • A certified letter of consent from both parents or legal guardians, confirmed by a solicitor, is required if either party is less than 18 years of age.
  • If either party is a non-UK citizen and does not hold a British passport, then they must contact their own Consulate, to find out if any further documentation is required. Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure that all the extra paper work is correct.

All your Original Documents that have been legalised by the Commonwealth Office and your Translations in Greek, that have been legalised by the Greek Consulate, plus photocopies of your Passports, must be hand carried to resort, where you will be required to register with Local Authorities.

Any documentation that is incorrect or incomplete may lead to cancellation of your Wedding or delay the process, for which “Mediterranean Holidays” cannot be held responsible.


Weddings are performed by a Registrar every Wednesday and Friday in the afternoon for Rhodes Town hall, and every day (except Sundays, Saturdays and Public holidays) afternoon for Lindos.

Your Marriage Certificate will be prepared and delivered to you before your return day (it takes 3 working days), by the local Wedding Co-ordinator. If this is not possible, it will then be sent at a later date, either directly to your home address, or addressed to yourselves in our office, in which we will ring to advise you, then sent it out special delivery.

Please note that your Marriage Certificate will be issued in Greek, so you will be required to have it translated into English. Note also that all your original documents will be kept in as records in the mayor’s office.

Make sure that the Wedding Location (on the No Impediment Form) is clarified on the specified column where the “District and Country in which the marriage is to be solemnized” E.g. Lindos, Rhodes, Greece (for Lindos) or

Rhodes Town Hall, Rhodes, Greece (for Rhodes)

Please note, the Greek Authorities keep all original documents (except your passports), as official records of your wedding.
None of these documents or certificates will be returned to you

Special Notes for Irish Passport Holders!

To get married in Greece an Irish National must apply for a

“Certificate of Nulla Osta”.

Irish citizens living in Ireland should apply to the consular section of the Department of Foreign Affairs, – Consular Division to request the forms required for the Greek NULLA OSTA.

Irish Citizens living abroad should contact their nearest Irish Embassy for the appropriate application forms for the Italian Nulla Osta.

Translation services can also be provided by our office on request

NOTE: If you are from a country OTHER than the U.K. , it may be necessary for you to have your papers stamped in various ministries in your own country. Each country has different regulations and different departments dealing with these matters.

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