3rd km Rhodes-Lindos Ave., 85100 Rhodes - Greece
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6th of October 2017 | St.Paul's chapel | Lindos Beach Restaurant

Alison & James

James and I met in a Costa coffee shop in Wallingford. I went into the shop on my break when I was working as a student nurse on a district nursing placement and James was sat having a coffee. There were no other seats in the coffee shop so I asked to sit on his table – the rest they say is history!

We chose Rhodes to get married because we went there on our first holiday together, that holiday was the first time I had been abroad for 10 years! It was also the first child free holiday I had had since I was 19. We wrote down about 10 destinations on pieces of paper and put them in a hat, I closed my eyes, picked out a piece of paper and it had Rhodes written on it! I now believe it was fate as we both absolutely loved our holiday and said then and there that we would like to get married here one day. I wanted to get married in Lindos as it is such a special, historic and beautiful place – it has such an atmospheric feel to it. We saw St Paul’s chapel on our first visit to Rhodes and I couldn’t believe my luck when looking online after we got engaged in 2016 that we could actually get married there. James proposed to me on July 2nd 2016 I was 8 months pregnant and completely out of breath as we had just walked up a big hill in a place called Swanage. The area James asked me to marry him overlooked  the sea, and again is truly beautiful it’s very special place to me and I’ve been going on holiday here since I was a baby.

Finally, our wedding day was perfect from start to finish, thinking about it now makes me tearful! The location is beautiful and feels as special and as sacred as it actually is. The boat trip was such a lovely idea and the reception location was just wonderful and so lovely being able to see the sea and the acropolis from where we were celebrating. All the little details were exactly what I wanted, the flowers stunning, the table decorations breathtaking, the food was delicious and the music played was what and in the order we asked for it. I couldn’t have asked for anything more and you Margarita are the reason it was so wonderful! Our wedding day was 100% the best day of our lives and I only wish I could do it again and again, to capture ever single detail to look back on and remember (although the photos are fantastic and do serve that purpose)!


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