3rd km Rhodes-Lindos Ave., 85100 Rhodes - Greece
+30 22410 70924 & +30 6956 336 512

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Lindos Weddings, Lindos

Lindos Weddings Venue offers an attractive and easily accessible new wedding site which meets the requirements and fulfils the wishes of an increasingly discerning and demanding wedding clientele.

Situated on the sandy main Lindos beach,Lindos Weddings Venue is overlooked by the towering Acropolis and charming village of Lindos. The venue offers excellent views of sheltered Lindos Bay. There is easy access by road, sea, and paths into the village. Parking space is available along the main beach road.

Lindos Weddings Venue is flat and spacious, with wooden walkways. Weddings take place on a decorated wooden platform which can accommodate the bridal party and guests. This ensures exclusivity as well as enhanced views of the area.

Expertly catered on-site receptions with buffet-style barbeque are also available. This bayside location combines elements of history, culture, landscape, and beach life to create the perfect venue for such a special occasion.