3rd km Rhodes-Lindos Ave., 85100 Rhodes - Greece
+30 22410 70924 & +30 6956 336 512

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Melenos, Lindos

The moment someone sets foot in Melenos Lindos, they realize they have just been welcomed into a family, become part of something magical that transcends anything they could have expected or imagined. Melenos Lindos is just that - a magical transcendance that was carefully crafted to be a traditional meets modern oasis that sits in the heart of an ancient village, adjacent to the beckoning Lindos acropolis. The moment you stay with us, we become part of each other’s story. We are not just a hotel, we are a home and a family. It is for this reason that many couples trust us with the biggest day of their life - their beautiful celebration of love. A wedding day at Melenos Lindos is one that carefully aligns with the magic that exists between a couple and that will be celebrated on that very special day. Melenos is a place that is as intimate and special as the love you will attest to on your wedding day.